Artist of The Month: Laura Walsh


The girl who puts rock and pop together is here. Nashville is known for country music; only a few will fall into different genres. But Laura Walsh has changed the game up and down Broadway with her pop and rock genre. 


Walsh describes her music as crossovers between Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, and Avril Lavinge, with her new single that just came out May 1st, Bad Boyfriend, hoping to inspire others. "It's calling out ego and wrestling with feelings towards a person who needs to learn how to love themselves properly before trying to be in a relationship," Walsh explains. Her pop with a rock twist isn't only Walsh's favorite genre; she first started with country music. 


Originally from Tucson, Arizona, Walsh moved to Nashville in 2018 but has been playing music since the 4th grade and professionally since she was 20. "I was sort of pushed into the country genre and went along with it - GRATEFUL for that and wouldn't change it - but upon moving to Nashville I quickly realized I am a pop girl with a rock twist through and through. I admire and appreciate country music, but I know what's in my blood," says Walsh. 


Before the pandemic, Walsh partnered with Musicians on Call, having her able to perform for smaller groups in places such as children's hospitals, cancer facilities, and more. Her experience with this, she says, is the best experience she had when performing her music for others. Walsh says, "while I do love playing late on Friday nights at Aldean's bar because the energy in that room is always insane, nothing beats the one on one connection of singing to someone who desperately needs a ray of sunshine in their darkest hour. The most beautiful transaction of musical connection I've ever experienced." 


With an idea, Walsh will be creating a music video soon for her new single. Her goal for the future consists of playing and writing music to see where it will take her. You can stream her new single on all platforms now. Walsh says she loves to perform at Jason Aldean's and Electric Jane's. Up and down Broadway, she also performs at Luke Bryans, FGL House, and Casa Rosa. 


You can stream Bad Boyfriend on all platforms. For more info on Laura Walsh, visit her social media platforms @laurawalshmusic.