Artist of The Month: Will Carter


Artists and fans are using TipSee Music in states all across the nation. Our next artist feature is The Will Carter Band from the Lone Star State. As part of the Texas country radio market, the band tours all over Texas and states like New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, and Nebraska. 


The leading man himself, Will Carter, is originally from Sealy, Texas, and still resides in the state now in Katy, Texas. Carter has been playing music since the age of three and still loves to play. "I started performing consistently at age 10. My dad would drive me to fairs, festivals, talent contests, etc.  anywhere I could get in to perform or compete," says Carter.


The Will Carter Band established itself in 2015, and the current band members have been together for a year. Carter is the lead vocalist and plays rhythm guitar. Alongside him is Dillan Dostal playing lead guitar and harmony vocals, Bino on the fiddle and harmony vocals, Bobby Tapia playing bass, and Jacob Lee on the drums and harmony vocals.


Carter describes his style as country meets rock n' roll. "I love a high energy show, and that's what we bring to the stage. Every time." The band works with Tom Jackson Productions and gets to perform at festivals and on large stages. "Festivals are by far my favorite places to perform. Our band is completely wireless and very high energy. Large stages and festival crowds that are there to see a "show" and enjoy live music are exactly what our show is designed for."


The band has been using the TipSee platform for two years and tells us that TipSee gives them another way to get the fans involved. "We hang the banners and usually wait until about halfway through the show to formally introduce Tipsee. We capture the audience with our staging, and then at that midway peak of the show, when you need another hook to hold their attention we let them know that they are in control of the show and can request what THEY want to hear!"


A lot of fans always ask, "What's next for The Will Carter Band?" well, the band will continue to tour the markets involving Texas radio and perform in front of as many people as possible. They also just finished another full-length studio album. The album is going to be released throughout the year with single releases. 


The band has released the first three singles of their new album to Texas radio. CMT picked up and released the music video for their song 'Had It All Wrong.' Carter says, "This is my 4th album, but what's different is this is the FIRST album where THE BAND recorded all of the parts on the record. Most albums today use studio musicians. Guys who have never played together. We've decided to go back to the original way of recording and have the same band that you see on the stage be the band that recorded the songs in the studio. We play together every week and there is no way to capture that dynamic using studio players. Fortunately the guys in the band are just as good in the studio as they are live, which is hard to find. I'm blessed to have such an amazing group  that are as talented as these guys are."


For more information on The Will Carter Band, you can stream any of their music on all platforms. You can follow the band on all social media @willcarterband to catch a show. Stay tuned for more songs being released by the band.