How TipSee Is Changing the Game of Live Music

  • Posted on February 25, 2022 at 4:50 am
TipSee Changing the Game of Live Music

Nothing beats live music - the passion and dedication from artists melding together with the excitement and energy of the crowd. The team at TipSee is all too familiar with the hurdles both artists and fans face in order to make this magic happen. Based on input from dozens of artists, venues, and fans, TipSee has created a game-changing platform that is dedicated to giving artists the tools they need to focus on giving their best performance, while enabling fans to interact with them and support the music they love.

Focus on the Music, Let TipSee Take Care of the Rest

With so many people going cashless these days, a digital tip jar is the natural evolution for performers to turn to, but TipSee provides so much more for artists and fans alike. 

Artists can eliminate the stress of juggling multiple platforms for managing their schedules, putting together setlists, and building their following. The TipSee platform helps manage all of this and more, so musicians can focus on honing their craft and giving their best performances.

For all the music lovers out there, TipSee is the perfect solution to keep track of shows either by artist or venue, save fans from having to scour multiple websites and platforms to get information on their favorite performers. TipSee users never have to worry about missing out, as they can easily follow their favorite music artists and discover new, up-and-coming musicians performing near them - all in one convenient dashboard.

How It Works

For the Artists

Whether shredding on the guitar or scratching at the turntable, the TipSee platform allows music artists to schedule and keep track of bookings and gigs, while managing fan requests and building followers in the process. Setting up an account is quick and simple, so artists can focus on what really matters, rocking out and getting paid. All performers have to do is:

  • Register for free and receive a personal QR code
  • Create custom setlists and prices for each song
  • Add or remove songs and their prices on the go
  • Connect with fans and build a following

Gaining traction as an artist shouldn’t feel like a burden. After setting up a music catalog once, that artist’s setlist will automatically be configured for every subsequent show they book on the platform. Removing and adding songs along with the option of allowing audience requests can all be done easily on the fly with just a few cell phone taps. 

For the Fans

Be the first to know when your favorite artists are performing. TipSee makes it easy to interact with and support local musicians in Nashville. The dashboard allows fans to view their favorite performers’ upcoming shows while following all the local artists they love to stay connected in real-time. Here’s how fans can use the platform:

  • Once an artist goes live, scan their unique QR code
  • View the artist’s song list
  • Request favorite songs
  • Send tips securely through Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, Cash App, and PayPal
  • Enjoy the show!

TipSee provides the perfect hub for fans to connect with artists and stay up to date on their latest music and upcoming shows. The ability to request songs and send tips in real-time allows for greater fan participation. Best of all, TipSee provides a cashless solution to those wanting to support musicians working hard to bring their best performance to the stage. All tips are handled securely to ensure they reach the artists safely, without putting fans’ private information at risk.

Take Live Music to Another Level with TipSee

Whether you’re a music artist or music enthusiast, TipSee is changing the game of live music for everyone. Contact us to learn more about how you can stay connected with your favorite musicians in Nashville, or how you can get started on our platform for music artists today.