How It Works

How It Works

Experience the Next Generation of Live Music

TipSee lets fans make song requests, give artists tips, and follow their favorite bands in real-time. Artists can build their following, manage fan requests and collect the tips they deserve. It all happens with a quick tap on your phone. Now that’s music to our ears.

Artist Features

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Use Your Personal QR Code
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Capture Tips and Build Your Following

Rock Out and Get Paid

You work day and night to keep your dream alive. When it’s your time to shine, focus on the music—don’t worry about fielding song requests or other demands. Use TipSee to manage fan requests, make more money, build followers, and give your best performance.

● Register for free

● Personal QR code lets fans find you, wherever you are

● Create custom setlists & prices per song

● Edit song prices at any time

● Add or remove songs on the go

● Easily share tips with band members

● Connect with fans and build your following

Fan Features

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Follow your Favorite Artists
Step 3
Leave Tips & Hear the Songs You Love
Fan Features

Tip Your Favorite Bands & Hear Your Favorite Songs

Live music is all about the experience and supporting local musicians. TipSee makes it easy to give tips, make song requests, and follow your favorites all with a quick tap on your phone. Sign up is free.

● Find artists and upcoming shows

● View the artist’s song list

● Request your favorite songs

● Send tips securely through Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal

● Follow your favorite bands

About Us

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At TipSee, our roots run deep in the music scene. We understand the challenges faced by both musicians and their fans as they navigate live shows. With input from dozens of artists, venues, and fans, we’ve created a platform where artists can build a following and give their best performance while fans hear the music they love.

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